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Appendix 5: Strategic Planning Key Steps and Timeline

Planning Process and Timeline

The planning process incorporated nine steps that took place between August 2018 and March 2020.

August 2018—March 2019

Step 1: Setting the Stage

  • Analyze the 2018 WSU accreditation report completed by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Develop planning model for creating a new strategic plan
  • Launch the planning process with communication from President Schulz
  • Conduct system-wide listening sessions on current strategic plan

January—April 2019

Step 2: Expanding the Effort

  • Analyze data from initial listening sessions
  • Create Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Council (SPIEC), with system-wide representation
  • Engage senior leadership teams—president’s cabinet, deans, campuses, colleges—in strategic dialogue about the WSU system

May 2019

Step 3: Convening the Community: Land-grant Symposium

  • Host full day, system-wide dialogue focused on the future of land-grant institutions
  • Explore in-depth the three primary elements of WSU’s land-grant mission: teaching, research, and service

June—September 2019

Step 4: Building a Knowledge Base

  • Design environmental scanning process
  • Design knowledge repository
  • Evaluate knowledge gaps
  • Engage in quantitative/qualitative research with internal and external stakeholders
  • Survey community online about purpose, values, vision, goals, and assumptions
  • Create “What We Know” document

October 2019

Step 5: Convening the Community: Visioning Conference

  • Gather community input regarding:

Assumptions about the future

SWOT analysis

Core purpose and core values

Envisioned future (big goal/vivid descriptions)

  • Short-term, outcome-oriented goals and objectives

October—November 2019

Step 6: Crafting the Plan: Concept Teams

  • Form concept teams
  • Teams draft goals, objectives, and strategies to be included in the strategic plan based on input from the visioning conference, “What We Know” document, and associated research

December 2019

Step 7: Strategic Plan Document Drafting

  • Draft the first iteration of the strategic plan

Relying on the input gathered, a small team writes the first draft of the plan

  • The draft addresses purpose, values, and vision and goals, as well as underlying assumptions about the future

February 3—February 24, 2020

Step 8: Stakeholder Input on Draft Strategic Plan

  • Community provides comments about the draft plan
  • Draft plan is revised to incorporate feedback received

March 2020

Step 9: Strategic Plan Submitted to WSU Board of Regents

  • Regents review and comment on draft plan