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Strategic Plan Archives

2002-2007 Strategic Plan

World Class. Face to Face.

Washington State University embarked on a major effort to plan its future in fall 2000. The work, which involved the entire University community, led to this strategic plan approved by the Board of Regents in January 2002.

The four strategic goals address issues that are essential to the University’s future success in carrying out its mission and achieving its vision. The goals will guide actions and decisions in every area of WSU through the work of the implementation council, four implementation teams and individual units.


Washington State University offers a premier undergraduate experience, conducts and stimulates world-class research, graduate and professional education, scholarship and arts, and provides an exemplary working and learning environment that fosters engagement.


As a public, land-grant and research institution of distinction, Washington State University enhances the intellectual, creative, and practical abilities of the individuals, institutions, and communities that we serve by fostering learning, inquiry, and engagement.

Strategic Goals

  • Goal 1: Offer the best undergraduate experience in a research university.
  • Goal 2: Nurture a world-class environment for research, scholarship, graduate education, the arts, and engagement.
  • Goal 3: Create an environment of trust and respect in all we do.
  • Goal 4: Develop a culture of shared commitment to quality in all of our activities.