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Environmental Scanning Work Group


Set up an external environmental scanning process for ongoing tracking of trends and occurrences in WSU’s external environmental that will bear on WSU’s success, currently and into the future. Discuss and identify sources of knowledge and data that will be used and put them into these following categories:

  1. Social, cultural, and consumer
  2. Technology and science
  3. Economic climate
  4. Political and regulatory
  5. Demographics
  6. Higher education

Committee Membership:

Mark Beattie, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, WSU Everett

Beth Blakesley, Associate Dean of Libraries

Guy Ellibee, Director, Operations and Systems, Office of the President

Christine Horne, Professor of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

Brenda Ixta, Graduate Student, WSU Tri-Cities

Stephanie Rink, Assistant to the Dean, Carson College of Business

Ray White, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration, WSU Tri-Cities