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Goal 1: Research, Innovation, and Creativity

Washington State University will be recognized for embracing risk and bold thinking to serve the needs of its communities through innovative research, scholarship, and creative activities.


  • Expand research, scholarship, and creative activities that cross disciplines and employ new methodologies to address community needs and twenty-first century global challenges.
  • Increase WSU’s ability to highlight its achievements and their societal impact.
  • Maximize the ability to shape research, creative activity, and entrepreneurship in direct partnership with the communities the University serves.
  • Enhance WSU’s ability to pursue, retain, and reward exceptional talent committed to creativity and bold thinking.
  • Promote sustainable external partnerships to accelerate innovation and maximize the impact of the University’s discoveries.

Possible strategies

  • Grow the global impact of WSU’s research by building additional partnerships with leading universities, research institutes, and corporations in the United States and abroad.
  • Create cross-disciplinary research teams that build on WSU’s strengths in order to accelerate innovation and maximize impact.
  • Establish community advisory groups in key research domains to allow researchers and stakeholders to propose ideas and get feedback. Leverage the WSU Extension network to partner with faculty, staff, and students to give University-led research greater impact.
  • Invest in state-of-the art instruments, facilities, and administrative infrastructure to provide the necessary support for a modern research environment.
  • Actively recruit and retain research-focused faculty, graduate students, and staff from under-represented backgrounds, and provide a pathway for the creation of tenure-track faculty positions for meritorious post-doctoral fellows and research faculty.
  • Revise system-wide tenure and promotion policies to recognize and reward community-based research partnerships and entrepreneurial activities that include incentives for strategic risk-taking, bold thinking, and high-impact achievements.
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