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Goal 4: Institutional Effectiveness and Infrastructure

Washington State University will advance a culture of engagement and collaboration across its multi-campus system that values and invests in resources – physical, financial, human, and intellectual – leveraging these to become the social and economic drivers for the community, the state, and the world.


  • Align financial resources with strategic plan goals.
  • Engage in integrated planning of current educational programs and research efforts to maintain and strengthen their quality.
  • Modernization of infrastructure: Modernize facilities, technology, business practices, and campus environment to be safe, sustainable, and supportive for future areas of growth and leading-edge practices in teaching, learning, and research.
  • System: Enhance overall internal buy-in for the WSU system and appreciation for all of its assets and components.
  • Staff recruitment and retention: Increase the hiring and retention of exceptional faculty and staff – who represent diversity in all its forms – to advance research and the educational experience.