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Data-Informed Decision-Making

Overview: Data Management, Governance, and Analytics

As part of the OneWSU initiative, the University has begun efforts around developing a data management plan, including a roadmap to build a data governance structure and an enhanced analytics framework that will support and advance a data-informed culture throughout the WSU system.  This initiative begins with an assessment of the current state data management and reporting landscape at WSU, focusing on the 4 key pillars of Data, Process, People, and Technology.

Assessment Objectives and Timeline

The purpose of this assessment is to benchmark the current state of WSU’s Data Management, Governance, and Reporting functions against an industry-wide ‘maturity curve’ – i.e., identifying both strengths and pain points within the organization that will be used as input for an overall Data Management and Reporting strategy and roadmap for WSU as part of the OneWSU Initiative for Data-Informed Decision-Making.

The overall Data Management and Reporting strategy and roadmap will focus both on overall strategic goals for the organization, as well as prioritizing specific areas of opportunity and outcomes based on the results of the assessment and input from the organization members via workshop sessions and a detailed survey for stakeholders to complete.

Timeline of events:

June 23, 2021: OneWSU Data Initiative Kick-Off
June 28, 2021: Unconstrained Visioning Sessions
July 14 – July 23, 2021: OneWSU Data Initiative Survey
July 27, 2021: Technical Workshops
August 3, 2021: Combined Technical Workshop (A&B)
August 10, 2021: Data Governance Workshop
August 11-12, 2021: Functional Workshops

Survey Results

After receiving and analyzing the OneWSU: Initiative for Data-Informed Decision-Making survey results, we are happy to share some of the survey analysis in the form of a Tableau Storyboard. Since this is an initiative about using data to make decisions, we figured a data-informed approach would be a good starting point!  Overall, WSU was benchmarked as being a level 3 (Standardized) out of 5 on the Data Management and Analytics maturity curve – which is expected for a state higher education system of this size.

Please navigate through the Storyboard to understand more about why the survey was administered and how the results are being used to inform an understanding of our current state maturity levels as well as the strategic roadmap and priorities for our future state.

Contact us!

We would like to hear from the community each week regarding a weekly topic– please think about the question posed below and send us an email at

Tell us about the Data Governance processes and policies you have in place today to ensure reliable data and decision making– what is working well for you and your team, and what is not?

Tell us about your Report Development processes and policies you have in place today for creating or requesting new reports– what is working well for you and your team, and what is not?