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Institutional Peers

IEC Peer List

Washington State University strives for excellence as a land-grant, research university with the highest research activity, as recognized in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education for 2015 (released Feb. 1, 2016). Our institutional peers provide points of reference, for goal-setting, and assessment purposes.

Washington State University has selected peer institutions against which we can compare our performance over the course of the Strategic Plan. These peer institutions have been selected because they represent public land-grant institutions that have been categorized as “very high research” institutions by The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, because they have a veterinary school, because they are within 50 percent above or below WSU’s enrollment size, and because they are within 100 percent above or below WSU’s research and development expenditures at the start of the Strategic Plan cycle.

Upon embarking on the Drive to 25 in 2016, WSU also is comparing its progress against the top public American research universities based on their performance on the metrics employed by the Center for Measuring University Performance, and additional metrics identified as central to WSU’s mission. In the list of Strategic Plan peers, institutions that also qualify as “top 25” institutions are identified by an asterisk:

• Colorado State University*

Iowa State University

Louisiana State University and A&M College

Mississippi State University

North Carolina State University*

Oregon State University

Purdue University*

University of Georgia*

University of Maryland, College Park*

University of Missouri, Columbia

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Virginia Tech*