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Strategic Plan 2014-2019


The strategic plan includes an implementation plan and the establishment of an implementation committee to ensure that initiatives are developed and executed to realize the plan’s goals. Quantitative metrics (benchmarks) identified for each sub-goal, located in column 3 of the tables, will be calculated on an annual basis.

The implementation committee will work with the Office of the Provost to define quantitative targets and annual rates of progress (milestones) for these benchmarks. Other evidence for assessing progress is included in column 4 but will not always be collected and reported annually. The implementation committee will also collaborate with various academic and support units to identify targeted initiatives to advance the institution in achieving the specific goals and sub-goals included in the plan.

An important activity during the initial stages of the plan’s implementation, and led by the Vice President for Research, will involve identifying WSU’s strategic areas of research excellence and emerging areas requiring additional investment to achieve national and international prominence. With the assistance of the implementation committee, an annual report of progress will be issued by the Office of the Provost at the conclusion of each calendar year. Campuses, colleges, and other units will be expected to identify and report annually on their progress toward metrics consistent with, and whose attainment will contribute to, the institution-level plan.

See the 57 Baseline and Target Metrics.