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Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Progress Report through 2016

Washington State University will be one of the nation’s leading land-grant universities, preeminent in research, discovery, teaching, and engagement

Theme 1: Exceptional Research, Innovation & Creativity

GOAL 1: Increase productivity in research, innovation, and creativity to address the grand challenges and opportunities of the future.

GOAL 2: Further develop WSU’s unique strengths and opportunities for research, innovation, and creativity based on its locations and land-grant mandate to be responsive to the needs of Washington state.

GOAL 3: Advance WSU’s reach both nationally and internationally in existing and emerging areas of achievement.

Theme 2: Transformative Student Experience

GOAL 1: Provide an excellent teaching and learning opportunity to a larger and more diverse student population.

GOAL 2: Provide a university experience centered on student engagement, development, and success, which prepares graduates to lead and excel in a diverse United States and global society.

GOAL 3: Improve curricular and student support infrastructure to enhance access, educational quality, and student success in a growing institution.

Theme 3: Outreach & Engagement

GOAL 1: Increase access to and breadth of WSU’s research, scholarship, creative, academic, and extension programs throughout Washington and the world.

GOAL 2: Expand and enhance WSU’s engagement with institutions, communities, governments, and the private sector.

GOAL 3: Increase WSU faculty, staff, and students’ contributions to economic vitality, educational outcomes, and quality of life at the local, state, and international levels.

Theme 4: Institutional Effectiveness: Diversity, Integrity, and Openness

GOAL 1: Create and sustain a university community that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

GOAL 2: Cultivate a system-wide culture of organizational integrity, effectiveness, and openness that facilitates pursuit of the institution’s academic aspirations.

GOAL 3: Steward and diversify resources invested by students, the public, and private stakeholders in a responsible way to ensure economic viability of the institution.