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System Strategic Planning Implementation Team


The System Strategic Planning Implementation Team (System Implementation Team) is a multi-functional project team that reports to the WSU System Council. The System Implementation Team is chair by the President’s Chief of Staff and is vested with the responsibility and authority to manage, guide, and coordinate implementation of the system plan and related strategic initiatives across campuses, colleges, functions and units, as well as increase continuity, visibility, and accountability for institutional planning.

Primary responsibilities of the System Implementation Team include:

  • Organizational and Process Alignment – Help to ensure organizational alignment of campuses, colleges, units and management processes to the system strategic plan; collaboratively develop and monitor an annual process to align planning and budgeting driven by the institution’s mission. Determine the processes that drive strategic planning, including common annual planning calendar, planning model and language, environmental scanning process, metrics, dashboards, and scorecards, and progress reporting mechanisms.
  • Annual Planning – Support and monitor work plans developed annually that include specific objectives, outcome measures (metrics); develop and manage processes relating to annual planning, e.g., annual environmental scanning, stakeholder engagement, goal setting processes, etc.; serve as “keepers of the process”; and develop and carry out planning events, e.g., annual planning conference.
  • Strategic Initiative Management – Oversee management of specified strategic initiatives, particularly those that advance WSU’s “systemness” and the OneWSU System Operating Principles.
  • Metrics and Scorecard Management – Develop and monitor scorecard metrics and targets with institutional leadership; facilitate reporting to Regents, institutional leaders, and others; collaborate with Institutional Research (IR) to standardize dashboard terminology and measurement definitions across the system; help to ensure integrity of the reported dashboard data; and coordinate with IR and others to assure that data reporting processes are valid and reliable
  • Progress Reviews – Develop and shape an agenda consisting of regular progress reviews with institutional leadership and the Board of Regents toward existing priorities; determine follow-up and assure that any designated actions are carried out.
  • Strategic Discussions – Using environmental indicators that bear on the institution’s success, identify and coordinate strategic topics for discussion with institutional leadership and the Board of Regents; actively participate in and facilitate strategic discussions during System Council meetings, meetings with leadership groups, Board of Regents meetings, and other important activities and events to increase continuity, visibility, and accountability for planning and execution of key initiatives, goals, and objectives.
  • Strategic Planning Communications – Develop and implement an integrated marketing and communications plan, consistent and coordinated with University Marketing and Communications strategies and plans, to institutionalize the system strategic plan, enhance a culture of planning, and promote widespread and deep understanding of WSU’s strategic direction to university stakeholders; and help to ensure training and education to faculty and staff about the system plan and key strategic initiatives.


Christine Hoyt, Chair, and Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Mark Beattie, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, WSU Everett

Guy Ellibee, Director, Operations and Systems, Office of the President

Gwen Halaas, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, WSU Spokane

Laura Hill, Senior Vice Provost, Office of the Provost

Rebecca Lande, Project Specialist and Staff Support, Office of the President

Hailey Rupp, Project Specialist, Presidential Communications, Office of the President

Domanic Thomas, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, WSU Vancouver

Ray White, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration, WSU Tri-Cities