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Planning Process

A unified and integrated approach to planning will help us achieve success.

Strategic planning for all levels at WSU

We’re not sure how people survived road trips without GPS. A clear understanding of where we are going makes all the difference in how quickly and easily you can get there; strategic planning serves that purpose at WSU to help us reach and achieve our goals for educational excellence.

Strategic planning can make a significant difference by providing a clear direction and roadmap for an organization’s future. It helps align resources, priorities, and actions to achieve goals efficiently and effectively, leading to better performance, growth, and success.

Strategic planning should be the methodology for WSU’s operations. The system strategic plan serves as the foundation that guides the evolution of WSU’s statewide enterprise. Campuses, colleges, and other units develop and update their plans in a way that complement and flesh out the big-picture goals, objectives, and strategies established by the system-wide plan.

The WSU Planning Cycle

The vision for the Washington State University system is best achieved as each campus, college, and unit participates in the planning cycle.

After the university system goals and priorities are established, each campus, college, and unit set their goals, priorities, and strategies. These should align with the system. 

With these goals and priorities in mind, budgets are established, resources are allocated, and plans are put into action. We then monitor and measure progress through various metrics, and continually evaluate effectiveness. 

Each year, an annual review and refresh will occur on a system level to establish the following year’s priorities. 

Chart showing the planning process