WSU Tri-Cities Campus
Strategic plan dashboard

Annual Objectives

for the WSU Tri-Cities Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Implementation Overview

Objective and Strategy Details

Objective 1.1: Review organizational structure and create plans for employee training and development

Leads: Damien Sinnott & Valarie Ruff

Objective 1.2: Review campus processes and provide recommendations for ways to improve efficiency

Leads: Pauline Escalera & Taylor Nyberg

Objective 1.3: Create a robust and informative employee onboarding experience

Leads: Zachary Harper & Andres Montero

Objective 1.4: Determine which communication channels are most effective and necessary to reach faculty and staff

Lead: Leslie Streeter

Objective 2.1: Establish institutional structures that develop and sustain reciprocal and mutually beneficial community relationships

Lead: Anna Plemons

Objective 2.2: Create campus systems that monitor symbolic engagement and ensure WSU Tri-Cities is visible in the community

Lead: Zachary Harper

Objective 3.1: Build structure for philanthropic growth

Lead: DAnneke Rachinski

Objective 2: Create a community-focused, self-sustaining continuing education program

Lead: Sandra Haynes