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Strategic Plan Objectives

for WSU Vancouver

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Strategic Plan Implementation Overview

Objective and Strategy Details

Advance excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activity consistent with the university’s strategic mission.

Objective 1: Impact and Collaboration

Lead: Christine Portfors

Objective 2: Partnership and Funding

Lead: Christine Portfors

Objective 3: Inequities in the research mission

Lead: Christine Portfors

Advance student learning and success.

Objective 1: Undergraduate Persistence and Graduation

Lead: Renny Christopher

Objective 2: Graduate and Professional Student Success

Lead: Christine Portfors

Objective 3: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Lead: Renny Christopher

Objective 4: Student Fundamental Needs

Lead: Eric Scott

Objective 5: Career Readiness

Lead: Eric Scott

Build upon our past successes to continue growing as a vibrant, enduring hub for higher education in Southwest Washington.

Objective 1: Enrollment

Lead: Domanic Vanthom

Objective 2: Campus Physical Infrastructure

Lead: Jenny Chambers-Taube

Objective 3: Academic Planning

Lead: Renny Christopher

Objective 4: Philanthropy

Lead: Jennifer Miltenberger

Promote an ethical and socially just society through an intentional commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Objective 1: Equity in Student Outcomes

Lead: Obie Ford III

Objective 2: Equity in Employee Outcomes

Lead: Julia Getchell

Objective 3: Campus Inclusionary Climate

Lead: Obie Ford III

Objective 4: Equity Lens

Lead: Obie Ford III

Establish and maintain mutually beneficial community outreach, research, financial, and civic engagement partnerships.

Objective 1: Community Partnerships

Lead: Narek Daniyelyan

Objective 2: Non-credit and Professional Programs

Lead: Hakan Gurocak

Objective 3: Community Advisory Boards

Lead: Sherri Bennett

Objective 4: Students Working in the Community

Lead: Narek Daniyelyan